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Christian Meyer grew up in Spain and started like most of his fellow riders at the tender age of three to ride motorcyles. His older brother Franz was already riding, so it was natural that he started to follow his route.

After a few years riding Motocross and Supercross in the Junior Class of the Spanish Championship, Chris got in touch with Freestyle, which was a sideshow on many races he went to. Having a championship title under his belt in the 50cc class already, he started like his brother to pull small FMX tricks during the races, before he jumped a freestyle ramp in 2007 for the first time.

Ever since, Chris and his brother Franz are heavily on the freestyle train and they worked really hard to become pros one day. With a second home in Argentina that has a compound that also offers a foam pit, Christian is well known in south and middle of America due to many shows and events he participated at in the past couple of years. Besides being the 2015 X-Pilots Champion, Meyer is also well known in Spain after a few wins on the FMX Championship. When Chris is not working on new tricks or traveling to hispanic countries for events, he enjoys playing golf, skateboarding, doing BMX or playing rugby with his friends.

In 2015, the stop in Greece was the first Red Bull X-Fighters event for the young Spaniard, but you can be sure that with tricks like the California Roll and other heavy Backflip Flip combos, he will impress even more fans around the globe in the future. The Greek fans loved his radical style and show skills in the marble quarry near Athens.