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Clinton Moore grew up on a small farm in Bundaberg, a town located on the east coast of Australia. Like most of the other famous riders from Down Under, the 25-year-old started riding a dirtbike when he was a little kid, using the acres of terrain around the farm to develop his bike skills before finally deciding that his ultimate goal would be to become a pro FMX rider.
Moore originally got into the sport through his big sister's boyfriend, who lent him a few classic freestyle motocross DVDs. When he turned 15 years old, he decided to go for the backflip – after all, he already had all other tricks dialed in. His first attempt didn't quite work out, and an under-rotated flip would end up sending the teenager to the hospital with two broken arms. So what did Clinton do? He came back a few months later and nailed it.
The young Aussie's profession - a qualified excavator driver - seems to be the perfect match for his love for FMX. With a six-acre compound including a foam pit, a few ramps, and dirt kickers to execute well old tricks and learn new ones, Clinton certainly has a lot of opportunities to practice his dirt-pushing skills.
Traveling to Madrid for the Red Bull X-Fighters in July was the first step on the way to becoming a Qantas Frequent Flyer in record time, as a few days later he had to be in LA for the first practice session of X-Games 16, before returning home for a few days to see his girlfriend and the two kids.
With his appearance at the Red Bull X-Fighters in London 2010, Clinton completed the final leg of his "Triple X Tour", throwing down more then one Volt during the weekend to fire up the British crowd, just like he did with his home fans during the Nitro Circus Tour.

Clinton can't wait to get back on the tour after a not-so-successful 2012 season and still currently coming back to the big international competitions. A nasty shoulder injury forced him to stay off the bike for quite some time in 2013, but he came back strong in the big competitions after the 2014 Nitro Circus Tour in the summer. At his first Red Bull X-Fighters event in 2014, he amazed the fans in Madrid with gnarly tricks like the Doom, but his opponent Sheehan was just stronger. Even with a solid job in Munich and Pretoria, the Aussie was never able to jump into the semi-finals, as Sherwood and Torres are not easy guys to bring down. Anyhow, Clinton is a spectacular rider, with an incredible bag of tricks that amazes the fans in any country and that´s exactly the reason why he is again back in business for Pastrana's Nitro Circus Tour on various continents. The riding time and the practice sessions should make him even more confident to show more at any stops of the 2015 tour.

The riding time and the practice sessions made him, as expected, very confident to show his true potential in the 2015 world tour.
Right at the season opener, the Yamaha rider showed his fellow riders that he was ready to battle for the championship by giving Sherwood a hell of a final round. In the end, Moore won with the smallest advantage you can image, but smelling the air of his first victory forced him to train even harder and nail the next top podium spot at the following event in Athens. As Las Ventas is usually the hardest stop to win – especially if Pagès is around – Clinton´s series of victories came to an end in Madrid, but he ended up on the podium in third place. He was able to top that result in Pretoria and got closer on Pagès heels once again, before achieving his biggest victory at the wold tour final in Abu Dhabi, where he was able to nail the championship with the points of his last victory. Moore will switch roles in 2016 from being a hunter for honours to become the hunted one at the only tour stop in Madrid. Let´s see if the inked Aussie will end Pagès triumph in Las Ventas.