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At the age of 16, Harry Bink managed working a nine-to-five job, but it wasn't for him and he decided to step out and establish himself as a pro FMX rider. With a background in racing motocross, the talented larrikin from Australia's capital city Canberra wasted no time in learning the biggest tricks in the sport.

Before, long Harry found himself riding shows for Movie World on the Gold Coast and became a member of the Showtime FMX team performing at events all over the country.

With a bag of tricks including Double Seat Grab Flips, Heel Clicker to Super Flip, Cordova Flip and a range of technical upright tricks, Harry recently finished second at the Australian FMX titles and made his debut on the Nitro Circus Live tour in his hometow. Harry is an up-beat kid with a positive outlook on life. He loves his mates, likes hitting the gym, wakeboarding and snowboarding when he gets the time, and he doesn't mind a good party when they drop.