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Maikel Melero hails from Spain and is one of the newest FMX talents on the scene. He was only 10 years old when he started to ride motorcycles, and from an early age he participated in the Spanish Motocross Championships, where he earned a well-deserved third place in the 85cc category. It was around this time when he first met met Dany Torres, one of the best Spanish FMX champions. The two became close friends and Maikel learned a lot from his talented role model.

When Maikel was 17, Dany took him under his wing and offered him the chance to try out the FMX compound. This opportunity kick-started Maikel's FMX career and he was fascinated by the rush of adrenaline that came with performing such insane jumps. Along with his own training, Maikel was able to watch Dany practise and study the master's techniques.

A short time after that, Maikel built his own compound where he still trains hard every day. Nevertheless, the young gun can still be seen at Dany's compound from time to time, taking advantage of his useful tips in order to get the biggest new trick combos dialed-in.

So far, 2011 was the best year of Maikel's young international career. He took a strong fourth place overall on the IFMXF series and was invited to four Red Bull X-Fighters events. With back-to-back fourth and fifth places in Madrid and Poznan, the young Spaniard gave FMX fans a taste of his potential. In 2012, Melero managed to grab a podium spot in Las Ventas as a personal highlight, but on the other two stops where he appeared he was plagued by bad luck and small crashes, unable to ride to his full potential.

A year later, the young bull from Cotillas earned three Red Bull X-Fighters wildcards to prove himself again. Some midfield results in Mexico and Dubai did not increase his overall tour ranking, so he decided to unleash the 540° in Las Ventas after a big run against his mentor Torres. The judges honoured his fearlessness and Melero made it to the next round ending up fourth that night.

Maikel got lucky again with three wildcards in 2014, but even with solid performances, he was unable to step up his game. On home turf in Madrid, the Yamaha rider achieved his best result by ending up in sixth position. In Mexico and Pretoria, he managed to win the first rounds but was unlucky to be paired with the winners of those stops in the quarter-finals. The 2015 season started quite late for Melero, as he was unable to ride the first two stops . Then, at the stops in Madrid and Pretoria, the Spaniard had issues to find the rhythm he usually has at the Night of the Jumps tour and ended up disappointed in the lower ranks. Maikel was back in form for the final in Abu Dhabi and closed the season with a strong 4th place at the world famous Corniche Beachfront.

Talk has it that the current FIM Freestyle MX Champion has worked extremely hard both on and off the bike during the off-season in the hopes of achieving a top result on his home turf in Madrid in June 2016.