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Going into the 15th year of Red Bull X-Fighters at Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas in Madrid, it is clear that the planet's most prestigious freestyle motocross event and the world's most important bullring are an all-natural pair. However, the idea of hosting a freestyle motocross event in a solidly traditional venue seemed all kinds of crazy when the first event was planned back in 2002. Since then, the Red Bull X-Fighters action in Madrid has had a consistent influence on the growth of the sport; and as the riders have progressed, the track has had to progress with them. This year, the event format will establish a new benchmark for the sport by opening up the rider's field with the Novillero Online Qualifier, giving aspiring young FMX talents the chance to battle against the stars of the sport and make a name for themselves in Las Ventas.

Freestyle motocross history was made in Madrid
Each year, the event in Madrid has brought consistent innovation to FMX, not only with the tricks, but it has also featured courses that have repeatedly set new standards. The track designers always tried to bring the latest ramps and riding options into the small circle of Las Ventas. The additions and innovations that have appeared at one time or another include an old-school fun box, a wall ride and a ramp that shot directly out of the audience area to the track itself. The landing zone in the center was extended every year to give more options, and also the other space of the arena was always used in a very creative way. An unforgettable highlight was the track's first quarter-pipe in 2008, and with it, the first Flair performed in competition, by the "Sweet Swede," Fredrick Johansson.

Fredrick Johansson´s World´s First 540° in Las Ventas 2008 © Flo Hagena -

Madrid´s track layouts are always ahead of the time
Last year, we saw three quarter-pipes positioned in the center of the course giving various options, including breathtaking transfers – out of the quarter - into the regular landings. Quarters are standard for any big FMX event nowadays and Las Ventas had one long before the main field of riders was able to handle them.
Jesus Rodriguez has been involved in the production of every Red Bull X-Fighters event at Las Ventas. "I think that what we do here influences the whole sport, and actually it's the same with bullfighting. In Las Ventas, bullfighters always try to do new things, and then it spreads throughout the rest of Spain. With Red Bull X-Fighters, what happens in Madrid spreads to the rest of the FMX world. It's fantastic."
Rodriguez laughs when he remembers the first track in Madrid in 2002. "That track was a toy compared to the one we have here. Since we had three tunnels, we set up three ramps – the same three ramps, as easy as that. And the landing field was tiny. We didn't even have to set up for backflips because at the time riders didn't do backflips."
As simple as it sounds now, that track was state-of-the art for the time, and the concept worked. When the audience went wild, raising their handkerchiefs in the old bullfighting tradition, there was no looking back.

Track Facts of the 2015 Red Bull X-Fighters ©

New tricks, new heights - always in Las Ventas
The very next Madrid contest marked the beginning of a "revolution." Back in 2003, a kicker ramp was added to the track, so two hardcore American riders, Nate Adams and Kenny Bartram, could try their backflip, a trick so new that it was still referred to as "the holy grail". That night opened Pandora's box right in Las Ventas, as Backflips became a regular part of some rider's trick arsenal. Bartram was victorious that night, while Adams ended up second. After that event, everyone knew they had to stick the flip in order to win.
From that moment, it was game on! The rest of the riders started trying lots of new tricks, innovating new things to show them first to the best crowd on earth. Any set-up in Madrid had to be ahead of, or part of the evolution of the sport and give the riders the chance to pop out their world firsts.
For France's Tom Pagès, one of very few to master it, the Flair 540 was a key tool in his bag of tricks to capture the Red Bull X-Fighters 2013 overall crown – which, by the way, he locked at Las Ventas. The Frenchman's surreal Bikeflip was also shown first in Madrid and after his 3rd victory in the Spanish capital last year, Pagès announced, that he will come back in 2016 with a few new innovations for Las Ventas.

The best crowd on earth
The crowd is another key to the innovation that is a hallmark of FMX competition at Las Ventas. FMX legend Ronnie Renner, who performed his first backflip in competition in Madrid in 2004, explains, "there's nothing like competing in a bullring. You come out of these dark tunnels into this huge crowd, and the energy is right on top of you – it pours. It just takes your level of execution even higher."

Las Ventas Crowd © Flo Hagena -

What to expect for 2016
A few things are certain for this year's 15th anniversary: It´s going to be another incredible freestyle motocross competition with probably many riders showing new stuff while riding at the top of their game. To give all that a new spin and roll on with the evolution, the event format of the 2016 edition will be slightly different.
This year's competition kicks off on Thursday, June 23 with a qualifying session, which will define three groups of four riders who will compete in a "Jam Session". An additional new feature at the "Jam Session" will see the riders performing their own series of tricks in a roulette round: each group will spin a roulette wheel with the names of established tricks from the sport's rich history and all four riders in the round will have to spontaneously perform that trick. The best two riders of each of the three "Jam Sessions" will advance to the three Semi Final rounds. In the Semi Final, the top six riders will battle it out head-to-head against the winners of the three groups advancing to the Final 3.

Novilleros Online Qualifier - Everyone has the chance to shine
With the new format in Madrid, the event will also give two "Novilleros", a term for an aspiring young bullfighting in Spain getting their first taste of the ring, to compete in the action. The "Novilleros" can win a spot in the competition by sending in a video of their best tricks.
If you think you have the skills and balls to ride in Las Ventas with the best riders, visit and upload your 90-sec clip (submission will start on April 14).

and upload your clip (upload option will start 14th of April).

Vote for your favourite Novillero
The public will have the chance to select by popular vote the first "Novillero" and the Red Bull X-Fighters sport committee will select the second newcomer. Candidates can submit their profile starting on April 14 and voting begins immediately.
This is the first time that any rider has the chance to grab a ticket for the Grand Slam of the sport.


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