Red Bull X-Fighters

What is Red Bull X-Fighters?

Created back in 2001, Red Bull X-Fighters is the most prestigious freestyle motocross (FMX) event series in the world with a 15-year history and more than 50 past events on six continents. The riders compete head-to-head through a series of knockout rounds in front of enthusiastic sell-out crowds. They execute unbelievable gravity-defying tricks on their motorcycles in some of the world´s most iconic locations. The best FMX rider in the world are set to step it up and push the sport forward with innovative tricks year after year.

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 Fun Facts about Red Bull X-Fighters Madrid

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Freestyle Motocross


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Riders have a vast catalogue of gravity-defying FMX tricks at their disposal. The two main groups are the 'Right-Side-Up' tricks and 'Backflip Variations'.

During 'Right-Side-Up' tricks the rider jumps in a regular fashion off the ramp and performs his trick. For 'Backflip Variation' tricks the rider always performs a backflip after leaving the ramp and then adds the trick to his flip while inverted. Our Freestyle Motocross Tricktionary will show the gnarliest tricks in all categories, but there is one trick that really doesn't fit into any category and is so unreal that it deserves it´s own category: "The Bike Flip"!


An FMX bike is usually a stock motocross bike with a few modifikations. Mat Rebeaud´s Bike below shows the most important adjustments to his KTM SX350F. Just hover over the markers to learn more...

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Red Bull X-Fighters is a professional freestyle motocross (FMX) event, which can comprise all disciplines of FMX. These disciplines include, but are not limited to: Freestyle, Speed & Style, Step up, Quarterpipe, Parallel Freestyle.

Competition Breakdown

Day 1 – Riders Briefing and Training Day 2 – Training and Qualification Day 3 – Training and Competition

There will be one 90-second qualifying run. All twelve riders will ride in their start order. Any rider who misses a qualifying session will be scored in the last place position. Should more than one rider miss the qualifying session then previous year's Tour rank will determine placing, with the lowest ranked rider being scored as the last place. Should no Tour rank exists, and then a draw will take place to establish rank for the purpose of qualifying. The results of the qualification will define the three groups of four riders that will compete in the Cuadrillas Elimination.

Each group of four riders will spin a roulette of tricks one time (oldschool tricks that are barely shown in competition). All riders will all have to pull out this trick within their 50-second run. The best two riders of each group will qualify for the Semi Final. At the completion of each rider's run, the judges will award a score. When all riders in this round have completed a scored run, the scores will be announced and the top scored rider will advance through to the Semi Final.

Six riders are qualified in pairs and will battle head-to-head in the semi final, in which there is no mandatory trick. Each rider takes his own run with a pre-determined time limit (75 seconds). The lower seeded rider in each pair will ride first. Time will start when the rider takes his first jump. After each run, the rider goes a pre-designated position to watch his replays on the big screen. The second rider in the pair, who is not riding, will wait at the Hot Spot, remove his helmet and watch the other rider's run. After the second rider's run, both wait at a pre-designated position for the judges' decision of whom of the two is in the Final round. The winner from each battle will advance to the final.

The 3 winners of the Semi Final will meet in a head-to-head run-off. Each rider takes his own run with a pre-determined time limit (75 seconds). The rider from the semi final A will ride first followed by the winner of the Semi Final B and C. Time will start when the rider takes his first jump. After the 75 seconds each rider can perform a Bonus Trick which is not affected by the time limit. After each run, the rider goes a pre-designated position to watch his replay on the big screen. The second and third riders, who are not riding, will wait at the Hot Spot, remove their helmet and watch the other rider's run. After the third rider's run, all three wait at a pre-designated position for the judges' decision of whom of the three will be celebrated as the winner
of the Red Bull X-Fighters competition. Overall the riders can win 5 helmets. If there is a tie (e.g. two riders win 2 helmets and one rider 1 helmet) the Bonus Tricks decides on the winner.

If a rider has a legitimate mechanical or medical issue after given clearance to enter course to begin a run or after clock has started in run, the rider must claim a Time Out by forming a "T" with both hands. At this point, a countdown clock will be started and the rider will have 2 minutes to return to the course to start or complete the run. Time Out can only be used once for each Qualifying Session and Competition.

How the Judging Works

Judging in all rounds will consist of 5 judges, each one judging the overall impression based on the following criteria:
• Variety
• Execution
• Form & flow
• Use of course
• Challenge
• Energy
• Excitement
• Entertainment

There will be 2 separate judging systems for the Red Bull X-Fighters competition:

Round 1 judging panel comprises 5 judges, plus one Head Judge. These judges will award each rider a score from 1-100 points. Final
score will be represented as a number from 0 – 100 based on an average of all 5 judges' scores (From a total of 0 - 500 ÷ 5 judges)

Each judge will award each of the riders in the heat a score on a scale of 1-100 points. The rider with the highest score from a single
judge will win that judge's vote. The rider who gets 3 or more judges' votes out of 5 will win the match-up. The Head Judge is solely
responsible for indicating when time expires on a run. If, in the mind of the Head Judge, a rider is considered to be 'on approach' to a
jump when the time clock reaches zero, then that jump (or series of jumps in a double-double or 6-pack) will count in the rider's final
score. The Head Judge will also have the ability to change any single score or group of scores and makes the final decision in any tiebreaker


Should 2 or more riders in Round 1 have a scoring tie out of 100 points, then the high and low scores for each rider will be eliminated
and the remaining 3 scores averaged to give a score of 100 points. Should this method still result in a tie then the highest single score
will break the tie(s). In the event that none of these methods breaks the tie(s) then the Head Judge will break the tie(s)

At the completion of each Final round run, the rider has the option to take a 'Bonus jump'. This jump may be a trick that was
previously performed in the riders run, or a new jump not performed in this round or competition. Should a scoring tie exist between
1st and 2nd or 2nd and 3rd place in the Finals results then the judges will break the tie according to which of the riders performed the
better Bonus jump. Each of the 5 judges will choose the rider


Field Size & Rider Selection

The field limit for a Red Bull X-Fighters competition is 12 riders.

Riders are selected to compete in the following categories:

1. 10 invited riders

2. Novilleros – There are 2 spots to gain in the event for rookies "Novilleros.
The Novilleros are selected via an online submission process, using the following criteria:
- Any FMX rider who has never competed in Red Bull X-Fighters Madrid and has a valid international FMX
rider license (FIM)
- Aged between 16-23 years old
- Registration via (April 14 – May 13) and creation of a rookie profile with bio, pictures and
a 90-second video

The committee of experts chooses one rider based on the overall performance and the skills the rider shows in his video.
- Judging criteria on the riding skills:
- Execution: Control of movements, safe landings, and successfully jump of more than 23 meters in length
- Flow: Combinations of tricks nicely landed
- Technical Difficulty: The trick itself, and of course, longer distances are rewarded (+23 m)
- Creativity: New tricks and an innovative use of the course

The second spot goes to the rider with the highest number of fan votes via Facebook.

Find out more about the Novillero Qualifier and watch the 2016 Submissions at

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