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Luc Ackermann was the youngest rider ever to execute a backflip on a motorbike and he is considered to be one of the biggest FMX talents in Europe. In 2010, he participated in the German Flight Club series and achieved fourth place in the overall series ranking. That same year, he competed in several freestyle shows at the Kings of Xtreme in Leipzig and at the FIM Freestyle MX World Championships Night of the Jumps in Berlin and in Cologne, where he performed a backflip for the first time.

In 2012, Luc beat the Step Up world record holder Massimo Bianconcini in the Maxxis Highest Air contest at the Night of the Jumps in Basel. In Cologne, he set another world record by jumping over 9 meters at the step up contest — a world record for his age group. In the season ranking of the Maxxis Highest Air, he placed second! A year later, Luc had a good start to the season when he achieved third place at the Maxxis Highest Air contest during the Night of the Jumps event in Berlin. Another world record was added to his resume when he performed a Backflip World Record at the Nitro Circus movie premiere in London. The stunt consisted of 18 daredevils trying to simultaneously perform backflips on motorcycles within close proximity to each other. With 16 out of 18 riders, including Luc, managing to be in the air at the same time, they broke the Guiness World Record. At his third contest (the European Championship in Graz, Austria) he reached his first Night of the Jumps final. More recently, in March 2014, he jumped over 10.50m at the Maxxis Highest Air contest of the FIM Freestlyle MX World Championship.

His best tricks include the Tsunami Flip, Clickerflip, Hart Attack Indy Flip, the 9-O'Clock, and he has that 'spark' a rider needs to take a victory in competiton.
We last saw Luc competing in 2014 at the Red Bull X-Fighters event in Munich where he set yet another record. Coming in as the local wildcard rider, Ackermann made it to the Semi Final and became the most succesful German rider in Red Bull X-Fighters history, placing fourth.
Being so young and having such results under his belt, it should only be a matter of time before the Husqvarna pilot is awarded another wildcard. Keep an eye on one of the biggest new talents to come out of Germany since Busty Wolter and Fab Bauersachs.