Nate Adams

The Destroyer

Nate Adams - Australia 2011

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Like many other top riders, Nate Adams came to FMX after starting off racing motocross. Hailing from Phoenix in Arizona, Adams is without a doubt one of the best FMX riders on the scene. Indeed, FMX legend Travis Pastrana once said that the Temecula resident is the "best FMX rider on this planet". Even though he finished in second place in 2011 and won back-to-back titles in both 2009 and 2011, Adams has never been so eager to stand on top of the podium again in 2015.

After a year full off recovering from injuries in 2008, Nate "The Destroyer" Adams burst back onto the scene in spectacular style in 2009 by dominating the second half of the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour. He finished off his comeback season with a sensational performance at the finale in London to win the overall title.

Despite spending most of his time in the air, Nate's attitude is very much down to earth. His laid back and comical nature doesn't let him take the pressure of his profession too seriously, and he enjoys everything from video games, movies, art, and drawing. For the upcoming seasons, "The Destroyer" has only one thing in mind – getting back on the track after not being able to ride a single Red Bull X-Fighters tour stop for the past four years due to multiple injuries.