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Tom Robinson from New South Wales in Australia has been on the FMX circuit for a while, but has not performed at an international event as yet. Due to his appearances as a young up-and-comer in the early days of the RFDmx series he made a name for himself and proved that he is ready to go overseas and take on some bigger shows.

Tom's skills have improved considerably and he submitted a clip to the Red Bull X-Fighters Novillero Qualifier to try to break out on the international stage. Tom is famous for always going out first and setting the bar on how you can tweak a grab trick and how far you can push it on the whip. The Yamaha rider has a big range of Flip-Tricks, on par with the top 20 riders in the world, and the rumour is that he's even working on a body varial.

Even though his video didn't receive the most fan votes, "Tommy Rob" impressed the Red Bull X-Fighters sports committee so much with his bag of massive tricks and great extensions, that the jury decided to award him their choice in the Novilleros voting, giving another young talented FMX rider a chance to battle with the best in the world.