Wes Agee

Nuclear Cowboy

Wes Agee - Osaka 2014

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Agee grew up on a bike, he often went riding with his family in the desert. It didn't take long before young Wes had his own bike. For the boy from Fallbrook, California, it didn't matter if the bike had an engine or if it was a BMX – as long as he was riding on two wheels.

When he was 15, the KTM rider moved to the hotbed of the sport in Temecula, California, and immediately became infected with the FMX virus. He quickly improved on the ramp and was soon pulling off eye-catching tricks. Aiming to push the limits even further, Agee set himself the goals of pulling off a flip before the age of 18 and to become a member of the notorious Metal Mulisha crew, both of which he accomplished.

Wes has not competed in many events yet, but he has made a name for himself on account of the major roles he has played in some of the biggest FMX video productions. His wildcard entry for the second Red Bull X-Fighters event of the 2012 season in Glen Helen suited his riding style well and took third place in his debut. The massive track featured many options and was exactly the kind of circuit a rider like Wes thrives on. His strong finish proved what many experts had anticipated ahead of the competition. Agee achieved more then he could have expected and was rewarded with invitations to more events.