FMX Legend Drake McElroy Answers Your Questions

Out of hundreds of questions our Judge picked five of the best

We gave our fans the chance to ask Red Bull X-Fighters Judge and FMX legend Drake McElroy questions on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter channels. Hundreds of questions were submitted and Drake took his time to answer five of them

1. Do you think the rapid development of new tricks in FMX will cease or slow at some point or will there always be riders who find even crazier stunts to pull on their bikes? It feels like Tom is bringing FMX to a point where there'll just be nothing else to do. Hard to believe there will
- @xjeanxgreyx
Drake McElroy: It will definitely cease and slow at some point. Tom Pagès will be the one to find the edge of the map.

2. What's your take on style? As style in what the athletes are wearing.. Meaning you got a badass style and riding in more relaxed clothes. All seams to stick to the classic MX racer look.. sponsors have their say in things of course, but even unsponsored guys wear the race suits.
- @dirtlifefam
Drake McElroy: Style is important hands down! Everyone wears matchy nylon PJ's and runs the Nascar graphics package bike set up because that's what they have been shown to do.

3. How difficult is to judge #xfighters, having in mind the progression of the sport and the level of insanity of tricks? And against which rider, from current Red Bull X-Fighters riders list, would you like to go head to head, under the condition that only old school tricks are allowed?
- @missterious_m
Drake McElroy: Judging is beyond difficult! I'd like to go head to head with Levi Sherwood because he's inspiring to watch and fun to ride with. The energy would be good atmosphere for a shred..

4. Slightly sketchy BIG trick, or a smooth as silk old school trick? Basically spunk or style?
- @digga75
Drake McElroy: 30% spunk/ 70% style.

5. When you arrive at a venue especially a new one like Athens, what's the first thing you do?
- Dylan Jones
Drake McElroy:
Explore! Find food water and look for danger.

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