Body Varials - The progression of FMX

Tom Pages - Special Flip
There is more then one way to flip or twist the body above or next to the bike

The history of "Body Varials" in Freestyle Motocross is quite an interesting one, as the trick was kind of hot in 2004, when Chuck Carothers won an X-Games Gold with the first ever variation. He named his trick "Carolla" and so far no other rider was able to stick it in a contest. In 2012, Jeremy Rouanet showed off something very similar to Carothers trick during the Madrid qualifier. The movement was the same, but the Frenchman used a rotating handle to secure his roll, called "Roulette". Unfortunately he hurt himself before the competition and was not able to perform the trick again at Red Bull X-Fighters Madrid 2012.

Body varial tricks were common in skateboarding at the time; letting go of a motorcycle and spinning around in midair was something else altogether, especially over a big gap, so the trick somehow got forgotten till 2010. As the a body varial is not a specific trick - it is more a group of tricks or category - riders have been thinking about various directions to flip or twist their own body above or next to the bike while in mid-air for the past decade.
Kyle Loza has been the one working on it from 2007, but somehow he did not bring them regularly to the competitions, Clinton Moore gets the credit for bringing them back to the comps. The young gun from Australia was able to grab a wildcard for the "Rookie Session" of the Red Bull X-Fighters Madrid 2010 and impressed the Las Ventas crowd with the variation Loza named "The Volt". As this variation seemed to be easier then the Carolla, a few riders started to work on the trick and made it a regular one of their arsenal.

Tom Pages who was one of the early adapters of the Volt tries to pull it nowadays even with combos. Looking deeper into Tom´s body varial variations we have to mention the famous "Special Flip".  Jacko Strong invented quite a similar variation around the same time, which is called "The Jack".

Should be enough for tricks out of the category, but that´s not all, the "California Roll" also fits that group. It got invented in 2010 from MTB rider Mike Montgomery and Taka Higashino has been the one sticking it regularly last season. If you look at some fresh vids on the riders social channels, you get the impression that we will see this trick and other body varial variations in the upcoming season. To complete the list with variations that got the most media coverage, we also have to mention Kyle Loza again and his "Electric Death", which must have inspired Clinton Moore, who is calling his way "Doom" and that is the very first one shown in the clip above.