The Freestyle Motocross Tricktionary

Tom Pages - Bikeflip - Madrid 2014
Whether you are a FMX rookie or expert, our ultimate trick guide will get you prepped for the 2015 Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour

Riders have a vast catalogue of gravity-defying FMX tricks at their disposal. Our Freestyle Motocross Tricktionary will show you the most common tricks and to which category of tricks they belong. The two main groups are the 'Right-Side-Up' tricks and the 'Backflip Variations'. During 'Right-Side-Up' tricks the rider jumps in a regular fashion off the ramp and performs his trick. For 'Backflip Variation' tricks the rider always performs a backflip after leaving the ramp and then adds the trick to his flip while inverted. Within these two categories you find the biggest number of tricks, but there are more, as you will see.

In recent years creative riders have developed new tricks, which can be grouped in the 'Body Varial' category. This category contains tricks where the rider flips or rotates his own body above or next to the bike. In addition to that, the quarter pipe - which is a relatively new FMX course obstacle - has enabled the riders to create a set of custom tricks, which are specific to the quarter pipe ramp. The most spectacular tricks here can be grouped into the 'Flair' category.
This Freestyle Motocross Tricktionary will show the gnarliest tricks in all categories, but there is one trick that really doesn't fit into any category and is so unreal that it deserves it´s own category: "The Bike Flip"!

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