Moto Soul: The Final Episode with Wes Agee

Wes Agee - Hart Attack - Ocotillo Wells (USA) Fall 2014
The Metal Mulisha rider shares a deep insight into his motorcycle life & philosophy

For Episode 4 we had to leave the metropolis of Los Angeles and head south to get a hold of FMX Star Wes Agee, in one of the original birthplaces of Freestyle Motocross. It was Halloween weekend and Agee and his gang preferred to spend it in the desert of Ocotillo Wells, and far away from civilisation.

The Moto Soul series started off with FMX legend Drake McElroy giving an insight into his past and what he is up to nowadays. Ronnie Renner explained in Episode 2 how his freestyle spirit has evolved into a freeride spirit after a decade as a part of the FMX circus, while Sands and Bell really brought together a demonstration of what it is that all 'Moto Souls' share. Wes Agee seems to be the fresh blend of all that, and that's exactly why he is the protagonist of the final episode of this unique series.

The Red Bull Athlete is one of the guys who has the unique skills to bring big FMX tricks to natural terrains. He holds the world record for the longest Backflip (190ft), and has no fear of pulling the hardest tricks coming out of a dirt-lip. Agee grew up on a bike, and often went riding with his family in the desert. It didn't take long before young Wes had his own bike. For the boy from Fallbrook, California, it didn't matter if the bike had an engine or if it was a BMX – as long as he was riding on two wheels. When he was 15, Agee moved to the hotbed of the sport in Temecula, California, and immediately became infected with the FMX bug. Aiming to push the limits even further, Agee set himself the goals of pulling off a flip before the age of 18 and becoming a member of the notorious Metal Mulisha crew, both of which he accomplished.

He has demonstrated his skills at X-Games and on the Red Bull X-Fighters Tour, but he has made a name for himself on account of the major roles he has played in some of the biggest FMX video productions. The massive track of the Red Bull X-Fighters in Glen Helen featured many options and was exactly the kind of circuit a rider like Wes thrives on.

At the moment Agee has stepped away from the competition circuit, and is working on a project called Lone Wolf. It fits precisely his way of going big and always looking for a new challange.

Support Wes on his Kickstarter campaign "Lonewolf Project" and be a part of his unique way pushing the limits.