Watch Red Bull X-Fighters Osaka LIVE!

Taiko Drum
Will Sherwood keep the lead or is Taka going to strike again?

FMX is about creativity, style - and rhythm!
Twelve of the best freestyle motocrossers on the planet hit the ramps in Osaka, Japan. Six of them hit the drums to get into the Japanese groove...

Watch Red Bull X-Fighters Osaka LIVE!
Catch all the action from Red Bull X-Fighters in Japan:

Webcast: We will stream the entire competition live right here on, Red Bull TV, Xbox 360 and Apple TV.
Please note that the live webcast is geo-blocked in the US, but will be available as a Video on Demand from 8:30pm (ET) on Monday, May 26.

May 25: Japan: 03:00pm (JST) | Australia: 04:00pm (AEST) | New Zealand: 06.00pm (NZST) | Mexico: 01:00am (CST) | Brasil: 03:00am (BRT) | Europe: 08:00am (CET)
May 24: Canada: 11:00pm (PST)

TV: The main event will also broadcast live on several TV stations around the globe. Please check local listings for details. The event will broadcast for the US fans on Fox Sports 1 on Monday, May 26, at 6.30pm (ET) / 3.30pm (PT).

Live Results: To get results and standings in real-time, hit