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Brody Wilson had quite a late start on the dirt bike compared to the other riders in the field. When he was 14, Wilson got introduced to motocross and immediately started to race local events near his hometown of Templeton, in the United States. After five years of racing, Brody got into FMX and built his first ramp together with his father. Sustaining injuries early in his FMX career and overcoming the challenges of his late start, the young man from Massachusetts worked his way up and got invited to IFMA Ramp to Ramp tour to showcase his talent.

The compound next to his parents increased, his riding skills improved pretty quickly, and the metal music lover made himself a name in the international FMX circus. In 2010, Wilson's hard work and progression paid off, as he received his first invite to the Red Bull X-Fighters event in Madrid to battle for a wildcard spot. He was not able to grab it, but an invite for X-Games gave his career another big push. With the bad weather in his hometown stopping his progression, Brody decided to move to the mecca of freestyle motocross - the only logic step to become a better rider.

Temecula, California became the home for Brody, his girlfriend, and their two lovely dogs. When Wilson is not riding his bike or traveling the world for events and shows, he works a lot to stay in shape. He's working out on a regular basis to improve his shape with wights lifting, mountain biking, cross-country riding, and hiking with his dogs.

Over the last two years, Brody was a regular rider in the Nuclear Cowboys FMX show and he would not want to appear in too many contests, but you can be sure that he will take his chance once he gets invited. The massive Glen Helen track fitted his style, but the most of the competitors knew how to play the contest game better. If you see Brody outside a contest, you will be surprised what bag of tricks the inked man from the east coast has. In 2014 he had another chance to shine during the Red Bull X-Fighters event in Munich, but the waterborne track was maybe not the right track to rock on for him. With more experience in big competitions, Wilson should be able to bring out his full potential. Let´s see if he is hot enough for another wildcard spot in the future.