Daice Suzuki

MX Virus

Daice Suzuki - Osaka 2014

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Daice Suzuki got his first dirt bike at the tender age of three, and since then he has been on a mission to become one of the best dirtbike riders on the planet. His father supported his racing career right from the start, not knowing that Daice would leave motocross behind and switch to pursue his true passion: FMX.

The rock and hip-hop lover, and fan of Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg, has been training very hard throughout the past decade to be able to ride at an international level and compete not only in Japan, where he has his eyes set on the National FMX Championships every year, but also prove himself in head-to-head battles against other world-class riders around the globe.

The Fukushima resident may not be as well-known as past friend Eigo Sato (1978 - 2013), but he is definitely one of the best riders to come out of the Japanese FMX scene in recent years and is a member of the notorious MX-Virus Crew.

Suzuki's compound, the Motopark Mori, offers a set-up of three ramps measuring 10, 15, and 23 metres in length. There is also a small foam pit, a motocross track, a minibike race track, some BMX trails and a mini ramp. With these features at his disposal to practice on, the multiple GoBig champion is sure to be throwing down bigger tricks than he did at his previous Red Bull X-Fighters appearances. The future will prove - once Daice will get another wildcard offered - if he can bring it to the next level and amaze the fans, not only on the land of the rising sun but around the world.