Erick Ruiz

Mexican Rookie

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Erick Ruiz is only 19 years old, but his experience in freestyle motocross and mental maturity position him as one of the most promising riders in the scene worldwide. In just three years, he has made huge progress to perform tricks suggesting that Mexico may have a big star in the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour.

When he was only 14, his repertoire consisted of manoeuvres such as Deadbody, Christ Air, and double grab among others. He has evolved since then and he is now able to perform backflips, combos, and Tsunami, while keeping improving them so he can go to the next level.

He started to get everyone's attention in 2011 when he was participating in a couple of shows in Switzerland. With a few more appearances around Mexico, his name was more and more known and he is now considered "the new kid on the block".

His success can be explained by several factors. First, his daily training in his own park - a set-up with 6 ramps & a foampit - which allows him to improve his skills faster. He started training with a Yamaha 125 cc, but he has changed it to a KTM SX 250, representing an increase in power. That said, he needed to learn constantly new tricks to keep up the level of his idols: New Zealander Levi Sherwood (2012 Red Bull X-Fighters champion), Spanish Dany Torres, and Aussie legend Robbie Maddison.

In 2013, Erick Ruiz had his chance to bring his name to the level everyone expected with his Red Bull X-Fighters debut in the Plaza Monumental. Unfortunately, life doesn't always work as expected and Ruiz got a first taste of how strong his rivals were in battle mode and he ended up in 9th place. A year later, Ruiz represented his country again on home soil in the biggest bullfighting arena of the planet. Let´s skip the fact that he was not more successful then in 2013, but he became the hero of the night by sticking the incredibly difficult Volt. Only a handful of riders are able to perform this trick and Erick had the balls to try his first attempt on dirt during one of the biggest FMX events on the planet. Let´s see what surprises the young man from Mexico has in his pockets, the next time he rolls out for a battle.