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Mat started to ride dirt bikes at the tender age of four, following at an early age in the footsteps of his grandfather and father, who were both motocross riders. Like most of his fellow riders, he spent most of his youth racing and embarked on a professional motocross career before switching over the FMX. His competitive FMX career took off in 2005 when he won multiple titles on the IFMXF series. But that wasn't enough for the young man from Payerne. Mat decided moved to California for part of the year to take the opportunity of training in more favorable weather conditions because back home in his native Switzerland the weather is often dominated by rain and snow during parts of the year. The move paid off and his international career got a boost - in January 2006 he won his first silver medal at the Winter X-Games. In March 2006 he won the Red Bull X-Fighters event in Mexico City, beating his idol Travis Pastrana (USA): "This is the best day of my life!" he called it.

After recovering from a broken femur, Rebeaud was back on track stronger than ever in 2007. With only two weeks of training on the motorcycle, he just missed the podium at the Red Bull X-Fighters 2007 stop in Mexico City. Shortly afterwards, he won the Night of the Jumps on his home turf in Basel, Switzerland and came in second behind Travis Pastrana at the Red Bull X-Fighters tour stops in Slane Castle, Ireland and Madrid.
Rebeaud was the dominant force in 2008, so far the best year of his career – he won the first stop of the series in Mexico City and then got second in Rio de Janeiro (BRA). He also claimed his first victory on U.S. soil at the Red Bull X Fighters in Fort Worth, Texas, went on to win the prestigious event in Madrid, claimed an X-Games Silver Medal in Moto X Freestyle, and won his fourth Red Bull X-Fighters event of that year in Germany to become the Tour Champion even before the final event in Poland.

Even though he was unable to get back to top form after a series injuries in 2009, Rebeaud still had a chance to win the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour at the season finale in London, but eventually missed out on back-to-back titles as Nate "The Destroyer" Adams powered to victory. The year 2010 started with an almost fatal crash while practicing ahead of the first event in Mexico. Rebeaud was glad to back on the bike in summer to ride the event in Moscow as his first contest in the year. The 10th place showed that he was not really back into top shape, but it was a good opportunity to gain new confidence for the event in Madrid, where he grabbed a strong second place. Finishing sixth in London and ending up fifth in Rome helped give him a seventh overall in the final Tour Ranking, a remarkable achievement considering he missed the first third of the season.

In March 2011, while practicing the Volt (Body Varial), Mat broke his left femur and was sidelined for almost the entire season. His comeback for the Red Bull X-Fighters in Dubai did not work out as planed, as the pain in the injured leg was still too great to perform. He was back for part of 2012, taking ninth in Madrid as well as 10th at Dubai and 10th in Munich even though Rebeaud left the impression, that he was riding in pain.

The last two years have been difficult for the high flyer from Switzerland and he was definitely down but never out. In 2013 the KTM rider was able to win a few events and grab a Silver & Bronze at X-Games, but got unlucky at his two Red Bull X-Fighters appearances with results that did not satisfy.

In 2014 the Swiss Flyer showed up in Osaka and pushed himself in the upper ranks with a new trick , that only a few riders are able to stick. The 5th place in the land of the rising sun opened up the opportunity to ride in Madrid, where Rebeaud performed the Flair (540° out of a Quarterpipe) once again. He won the first round but got unlucky when he battled against Tom Pagès in the quarter-final who won the event and showed the best FMX runs the sport had seen so far. With the 11th place overall, Mat can only hope to get an invite via the wildcards to show the judges that he is really back and able to fight against the best riders on the planet. As he was finally able to add the Volt as new trick to his portfolio. Then, the judges might give him another chance through a wildcard to show that he is really back. Rebeaud has proven already in 2005 that he can come back stronger from thougher times, but the luck was not on his side for the planned comeback in 2015 in Mexico. During the qualifier, the KTM rider crashed hard, while trying to show his new trick, the California Roll. So the rest of the year, Rebeaud had to recover once again and train hard to be back on the bike for the first Supercross shows in the fall and winter seasons, where he was able to show once again that he was down but not out.

In 2016 the Swiss Flyer was not in the rider line up for event in Madrid, but he will return in 2017 in a new role and take a seat at the judges table. If not Mat then who else could be better suited for it, knowing the event in and out?