Josh Sheehan´s Final Run in Madrid 2016

Josh Sheehan - Double Grab Flip
Watch the incredible run that secured 3rd Place for Mr. Double-Flip

In front of a sold-out crowd of more than 20.000 wild Spaniards, the Double-Flippin´ Australian didn't make it too easy for Tom Pages and Clinton Moore in the final round. Sheehan, a regular visitor of the Las Ventas podium, once again gave all he had in his large trick-pocket in an effort to become the victor, but it was just not enough to finish on top. The crowd loved his run and it was without doubt another Madrid ride that will go down in the sport's history, so we want to share this with you.

Red Bull X-Fighters Madrid 2016 Result
1. Tom Pages (FRA)
2. Clinton Moore (AUS)
3. Josh Sheehan (AUS)
4. Levi Sherwood (NZL)
5. Maikel Melero (ESP)
6. Rob Adelberg (AUS)
7. Taka Higashino (JPN)
8. David Rinaldo (FRA)
9. Dany Torres (ESP)
10. Adam Jones (USA)
11. Tom Robinson (AUS)
12. Sebastian Westberg (FIN)

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