Meet Samurai Taka

Taka Hig
The rider from Japan has won many big events and is ready to strike any time

Taka Higashino's haircut and riding style tell you right away that the 32-year-old is a real punk rocker with no fear of going big – even when performing the most technical backflip combos. Don't be fooled by looking at Higashino's previous Madrid results, the Japanese rider has everything you need to win it, and on his sixth appearance at Las Ventas he might nail it. Watch out for his unbelievable Rock Solid Flip!

Yamaha YZ 250

Career highlights
1 x event winner
1 x 3rd in the world tour

Head-to-head statistics
21 head-to-head matches
43 percent win rate

Signature moves
Rock Solid Flip, California Roll, Double Grab Indy Flip, KOD Flip