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Adam Jones got his first bike at the age of ten, and even though it wasn't the best bike out there Adam was riding it every day. After seeing their son excel so quickly, Jones' parents bought him a proper bike so he could start racing. During his seven years on the race circuit, Adam made it onto the podium at almost every event in which he competed. Unfortunately, an injury forced him to take a year off the track and it was at that point he realized he was taking racing so seriously that he wasn't enjoying his time on the bike anymore. So, after finishing his rehab, he decided to have more fun on his bike.

He soon began riding and jumping with friends just for fun; however, it was only after taking a real break from the race circuit that Jones decided to try out the IFMA Freestyle Motocross events. The breakthrough moment came at an IFMA X-Games qualifier, where Adam grabbed the final qualifying position and realized, all of a sudden, he had taken the first step towards his dream of winning an X-Games gold medal.

Today, Adam Jones is one of the world's top FMX riders. He not only accomplished his goal of winning an X-Games gold medal in 2007, he was named International Rider of the Year and received the prestigious Transworld Motocross Rider of the Year award. In 2008, he accomplished another goal by becoming the 2008 AST Overall Tour Champion.
Since 2009, Jones has been a regular rider on the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour and has racked up 20 starts in the series. With 4 results in the top 3, Jones shouldn't be underestimated. In 2014, he opened up in Mexico with a strong performance ending up 4th but was unable to ride in Osaka and Madrid. The track on Munich's Olympic Lake wasn't his favourite and he ended up ninth; however, he was back on fire when the tour moved to its final leg in South Africa.
After a strong tour finish in Pretoria in 2014, Jones was ready to attack again at the 2015 season opener in Mexico City but was unable to reach the podium. The Yamaha rider earned sixth place and repeated that same result at the event in Madrid. With an eleventh place overall in the world tour ranking, Jones finished well below his expectations.
The Red Bull X-Fighters event in 2016 didn't work out any better for the American where he finished tenth, but he'll be back in Las Ventas in 2017 with his regular attitude: In it to win it.