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Javier Villegas started riding dirt bikes when he was a child and switched from MX to FMX in 2001. Within a few years, he became the top FMX rider in his home country of Chile and in South America. In 2010, Javier entered the IFMXF series and in 2011, he became the first non-European rider to win the FIM FMX World Championship.

When he is not riding his bike, he loves to play the bass guitar, edit videos, and ride his BMX bike through the dirt-doubles. Javier is simply a friendly man with a lot of talent. To get the most out of that he moved with his family to California in 2010 to be closer to the FMX hotspots. Villagas is a hard worker and he trains on a daily basis on both his mental and physical strength and carefully watches his nutrition. Leaving nothing to chance, Javier is prepared for success. His motto for development is to constantly be turning his weaknesses into strengths.

Playing with his children helps him to relax and take his mind off of FMX. Javier's goal is - since he got his first invite - to be on the podium at every round, keeping his eyes on the overall championship title. His strong results in the 2012 Red Bull X-Fighters season, including his first podium in Dubai after finishing third at the event and a fourth place in the overall 2012 ranking assured Javier a pre-qualification spot for the 2013 tour. Due to a few unlucky injuries, Javier was unable to step it up in the past season.
His solid 3rd place in Madrid gave him a safe ticket for the 2014 Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour, which he could only use at the season opener in Mexico City. After a bad crash, Javier wasn´t in shape to battle at his best and skipped the other four events in 2014.

The last season was the comeback season for the Honda rider, and he came back well but was not able to grab the honours as the rest of the field also stepped it up, while he was out. As his results were not high enough, he was not invited to the only Red Bull X-Fighters stop in Madrid in 2016, but you can be sure to see him on other big events and show around the globe this year.