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Travel back in time and watch the highlights of the last 14 years

With 50 stops in its illustrious 14-year history, Red Bull X-Fighters has developed into the world's most prestigious freestyle motocross series - the 84 riders who have participated since 2001 have regularly taken FMX to the next level with their breathtaking battles in a unique competitive knock-out environment that has enthralled hundreds of thousands of spectators around the world.

From the inaugural event in a bullfighting arena in Valencia, Spain in 2001 to the first stop in South Africa in front of the Union Buildings at the end of the 2014, the Red Bull X-Fighters has been pushing the envelope of FMX to the max and become a platform for the sport's development as well as the place to go for the world's best and most courageous riders. To celebrate the 50 stops that have made up Red Bull X-Fighters, here is a list of 12 magic numbers.

1 The first event was held in Valencia, Spain in 2001, at a bullfighting arena - and the winner was Mad Mike Jones (USA) with the legendary Spanish rider Edgar Torronteras taking second. Torronteras won in 2002 when the Red Bull X-Fighters moved to Madrid.

2 American Nate Adams is the only rider to win the World Tour twice (2009, 2010). The American burst onto the scene as a 19-year-old in Madrid in 2003 and came up first six times in his career and nearly won a third straight World Tour in 2011 with three wins before taking second place.

4 Travis Pastrana (USA) won 4 of the 5 events he started in, a remarkable 80-percent winning percentage. Pastrana took first place in Madrid in 2004 as a 20-year-old. He won Madrid three times from 2004 to 2007 and was first at Slane Castle in Ireland in 2007. A third place in Mexico City in 2006 was the only blemish on his otherwise perfect Red Bull X-Fighters career.

6 Six continents have played host to the 50 Red Bull X-Fighters events: Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Australia and Africa. The first World Tour season final in Africa was the final stop of the 2014 season in Pretoria, South Africa.

7 The World Tour was launched in 2007 with three stops in Madrid, Slane Castle and Mexico City. Travis Pastrana won two of the three stops and the first World Tour title.

8 No other Red Bull X-Fighters rider has won as many of the 50 events as Levi Sherwood of New Zealand. His 8 career wins have helped him win the World Tour once, in 2012, and take second overall in 2014. He won his first Red Bull X-Fighters event at the age of 17 in Mexico City in 2009 and is the youngest athlete to date to win a tour stop.

14 Red Bull X-Fighters has now completed 14 seasons, beginning with only one stop in 2001 and growing to about two stops each year before becoming a World Tour in 2007. There have been five or six events every year since 2008.

16 Sixteen countries around the world have hosted a Red Bull X-Fighters. Spain has hosted the most stops (15), more events than in any other location were held in Madrid (13) and two in Valencia. Mexico City is second with 8 stops hosted.

18 Eighteen different riders from 8 different countries have won the 50 Red Bull X-Fighters events. Leading the way is Levi Sherwood (NZL) with 8 wins, Dany Torres (ESP) has 7, and Nate Adams (USA) took 6 victories.

21 The 50 Red Bull X-Fighters events have been staged at 21 impressive locations, ranging from tight tracks in bullfighting arenas in Madrid, Valencia and Mexico City to a gigantic pit track in California and even a floating track built on the Olympic Lake in Munich.

41 No other rider has left as lasting an impression for talent, skill, consistency and durability as Dany Torres (ESP). Torres won the World Tour in 2011 and has the most starts (41) as well as the second highest number of total wins (7) – just one win short of Levi Sherwood. He reached podiums in all 8 years of the World Tour and at least 1 win in 6 of those 8 years. Torres has been in the Top 3 overall for the last five seasons.

84 Eighty-four riders from 21 countries took part in the 50 events. The United States lead the way with 22 riders, Australia is second with 11 and France is third with 9 riders. Brazil, Germany and Spain have had 4 athletes each, while three competitors came from Czech Republic, Italy and Japan.

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