Is FMX about perfection or innovation?

Levi Sherwood - Whiped Nac - Osaka 2014
The battle between those two styles will continue on the 2015 World Tour

At the moment their are 2 styles in FMX, it´s a battle between perfection and innovation. We saw that on muliple stops of the 2014 tour, when Tom Pages took his chances with his high risk tricks and lost it all before even seeing the final. On the other hand Levi Sherwood demonstrated that perfection has also it´s values to impress the fans and judges to take victories home. 
The question right now is: Where is FMX going? Will the sport soon be dominated by riders, who bring each trick to the absolut physical perfection or is innovation key to win.Check the clip and see what riders and judges think about that topic going into the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour 2015.

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