InFrames - Hyper-real Reflections of FMX

Las Ventas Madrid Spain
Watch "two films in one" on the walls of Las Ventas

June 27, 2014: Red Bull X-Fighters is back in the Las Ventas bullring in the Spanish capital Madrid for an epic 13th time. Relive the night with added atmosphere from the cauldron of freestyle motocross.

Red Bull film-maker Daniel Kriesl created the InFrames concept by projecting ultra-slow-motion action footage of four Red Bull events onto the walls, buildings and surfaces of the cities where they took place, simultaneously capturing timelapse footage of the projections to create "two films in one".

Then the footage was edited with other exciting event action and effects added by Stephan Schnee, colour grading applied by Phil Strahl and also a cinematic sound experience added by Martin Reiher.

The finished effect is a hyper-real reflection of the excitement and atmosphere of these events, all of which took place in 2014 – Red Bull Crashed Ice in Québec City, Red Bull X-Fighters in Madrid, Red Bull Cliff Diving in Bilbao and Red Bull Air Race in Ascot, near London – with each film leading on to the next episode in surprising ways.

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