Is Luc Ackermann the Dark Horse?

Luc Ackermann - Red Bull X-Fighters Munich

Luc Ackermann was the youngest rider ever to execute a backflip and he's considered to be one of the biggest FMX talents in Europe. We last saw Ackermann competing at X-Fighters 2014 in Munich, where he made it to the semi final and became the most succesful German rider in Red Bull X-Fighters history, placing fourth. Keep an eye on one of the biggest new talents to come out of Germany since Busty Wolter and Fab Bauersachs, he might use his chance and strike again in Madrid.

Husqvarna FC350

Career highlights
4th Red Bull X-Fighters Munich
10th Red Bull X-Fighters Abu Dhabi

Head-to-head statistics
2 head-to-head matches
50 percent win rate

Signature moves
Flair, Cali Roll, Surfer Take-Off Tsunami Flip, Hart Attack Indy Flip