We are taking a break to come back stronger!

Datum: 19/04/2018

It seems it was yesterday when we jumped into the 21st century and insufflated new life into motorsports with the first Red Bull X-Fighters. Valencia's bullfighting ring hosted that first event which exceeded any expectation and became, as years went by, the most important FMX competition in the world. That one competition which riders and fans transformed into the event of the year with your invaluable contribution.

For that we're very grateful to you. Year after year the trust you put in us helped us improve every aspect of the Red Bull X-Fighters and, since you don't deserve any less, we believe it's time to take a break in this adventure called Red Bull X-Fighters.

In 2018 we'll take a rest so we can come back with new energy. Just like the riders go into the tunnels of Las Ventas to get more impulse for the next jump, we'll take a step back with the sole purpose of facing the ramp again with our best tricks.

We still want to offer the best and most innovative FMX show possible, an unforgettable experience for the thousands of people who in one way or another are a part of what we know as the Red Bull X-Fighters. You don't deserve any less.

See you soon!