Location Athens 2015 - Overview

Red Bull X-Fighters landed in Greece for the first time. The ultimate FMX World Tour included the Hellenic Capital, Athens in the calendar and offered an amazing spectacle inside Dionyssos Marble Quarry. Operating since the Golden Age of Pericles, the quarries of the area have provided thousands of cubic meters of marble used to build the Acropolis monument as well as most of the Classical, Hellenistic and Roman sculptures. On June 12th, the Red Bull X-Fighters riders took us on a breathtaking journey connecting Now and Then.


  • 1
    Clinton Moore - Mini Profile Picture
    Clinton Moore AUS
  • 2
    Tom Pages - Mini Profile Picture
    Thomas Pagès FRA
  • 3
    Rob Adelberg
    Rob Adelberg AUS
  • 4
    David Rinaldo - Rider Profile Thumb
    David Rinaldo FRA
  • 5
    Josh Sheehan - Rider Profile Thumb
    Josh Sheehan AUS
  • 6
    Dany Torres - Rider Profile Mini Picture
    Dany Torres ESP
  • 7
    Adam Jones - Rider Profile Mini Picture
    Adam Jones USA
  • 8
    Levi Sherwood - Rider Profile Mini Picture
    Levi Sherwood NZL
  • 9
    Remi Bizouard
    Remi Bizouard FRA
  • 10
    Javier Villegas - Rider Profile Mini Picture
    Javier Villegas CHI
  • 11
    Nick Franklin
    Nick Franklin NZL
  • 12
    Chris Meyer - Rider Profile Thumb
    Christian Meyer ESP
  • 13
    Luc Ackermann - Profile Preview
    Luc Ackermann GER
  • 14
    Alastair Sayer - Rider Profile Thumb
    Alastair Sayer BOT
  • 15
    Maikel Melero - Rider Profile Thumb
    Maikel Melero ESP
  • 16
    Taka Higashino Profile Picture
    Taka Higashino JPN
  • 17
    Mat Rebeaud - Profile Preview Portrait
    Mat Rebeaud SUI
  • 18
    Erick Ruiz - Rider Profile Mini Picture
    Erick Ruiz MEX
  • 19
    Harry Bink
    Harry Bink AUS
  • 20
    Jeremy Rouanet
    Jeremy Rouanet FRA
  • 21
    Brody Wilson - Mini Profile Picture
    Brody Wilson USA

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