15 years of Madrid Highlights

Tom Pages - Bikeflip
Date: 24/06/2016

In tribute to the 15th anniversary celebration of Madrid hosting what is traditionally the most spectacular Red Bull X-Fighters event of the year, here is a list of some of the best pioneering jumps done in Madrid to the delight of the appreciative crowds:

2002 - Edgar Torronteras (ESP) became a legend in Spain and the FMX world for a flawless run to beat Americans Mike Jones and Mike Metzger. The crowd erupted in ecstasy over his brilliant performance and that moment helped create the unique atmosphere that makes Las Ventas special to this day with the audience waving their handkerchiefs in the old bullfighting tradition.

2003 - Mike Jones tried a back flip ended up doing what everyone called a "back flop", landing flat on his back on the landing and underneath his bike -- but fortunately he was not injured.

2004 - Americans Nate Adams and Travis Pastrana staged the first of their epic battles in Madrid, going all in a battle against each other and pulling off spectacular 360s in front of the frenzied crowd. Pastrana took first and Adams second. Ronnie Renner did his first competitive backflip in Madrid that year.

2005 - Adams got revenge in 2005 with an amazing run in the final even after he broke his finger crashing into wall earlier.

2006 - Norway's Andre Villa tried a Barrel Roll – flipping sideways with his bike. He landed on his wheels but lost his balance and crashed

2008 - Frederik Johansson of Sweden pulled off the first flair in competition, surprising his competition and the crowd.

2009 - Cameron Sinclair did a first double flip in Madrid but crashed twice. He tried it again a year later and succeeded.

2009 - Charles Pagés (FRA) tried a front flip twice, crashing both times.

2010 - Clinton Moore (AUS) and Robbie Maddison (AUS) introduced the Volt to Madrid

2013 - Tom Pagés (FRA) won the first of three times in Madrid with the Special Flip

2014 - Tom Pagés gave the world the first Bike Flip in Madrid – and won his second title in Madrid

2015 - Tom Pagés did his Alley-Oop Flair in Madrid for the first time – and won his third straight title.

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