The World Tour Final by the Numbers

Tom Pages & Clinton Moore - Pretoria Pit 2015
Date: 28/10/2015

Tom Pagès will be up against not only Clinton Moore in the final showdown of the 2015 Red Bull X-Fighters season in Abu Dhabi on Friday but also the weight of history as he attempts to become only the second rider to win the World Tour twice. The two riders are in a dead heat at the top of the standings with two wins each, two podiums each and the exact same number of points in what is the closest final in the 15-year history.

France's Tom Pagès may have to go to the extreme limits of Freestyle Motorcross and carve his name into the Red Bull X-Fighters history books to win the 2015 World Tour on Friday in Abu Dhabi against Australia's Clinton Moore. Pagès is itching to become only the second rider in the 15-year history of the sport to win the World Tour twice but may need to become only the second rider ever to win three stops in a row, a challenging proposition by any measure.

It is not by chance that only one rider, Nate Adams of the United States, has managed to win more than one World Tour (2009 and 2010) and only one rider, Switzerland's Mat Rebeaud, has managed to win three stops in a row -- way back in 2008. Moore tried but failed to equal Rebeaud's record earlier this season when he was beaten by Pagès in Madrid while attempting to get his third straight win after triumphs in Mexico City and Athens.
Prolonged winning streaks in the world's most prestigious FMX tour are extremely difficult to come by because the competition is so intense and each venue is so different.

After watching Moore win the first two stops of the 2015 Red Bull X-Fighters season, Pagès stormed back into the title hunt with dazzling wins filled with heart-stopping tricks in Madrid and Pretoria. The two aces are dead even with 280 points, the same number of wins and the same number of podiums going into the season finale. To win the title this year, Pagès will need to get a third straight win, if Moore makes it to the final, to become only the second rider to win two World Tours.

Pagès may have the momentum going into the final with back-to-back wins but Moore has the confidence of knowing that he has beaten the Frenchman in two of their three head-to-head battles this year. Pagès has won six of his 26 career starts so far while Moore has won two of his ten starts. Pagès has more experience in the finals, winning six of ten appearances while Moore has won two of the three finals he reached.

Moore, who was awe-inspiring in the first half of the season but is still on top of his game going into the final, would rather set two other records in another direction by winning the tour on Friday. He could become the eighth different rider to win the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour. He could give Australia back-to-back World Tour wins following the 2014 triumph by compatriot Josh Sheehan.

As an indication of how tight the competition has been in the last three years, the winner of the World Tour has also been the winner of the final stop.


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