Martin Koren - Double Hart Attack
Date: 15/02/2013

Red Bull X-Fighters Jams, sponsored by Nissan and held under the cooperation of Quarter Mile Club included top international riders Martin Koren from the Czech Republic, Nick Franklin from New Zealand, Daniel Boudin from Sweden and Chris Brock from the United Kingdom.

Hours before Red Bull X-Fighters Jams began; Kuwait's Arabian Gulf Road was slowly being invaded by thousands of adrenaline-seeking fans.

The show started at 7:30pm and the crowd got bigger and louder as they could hear the riders warming up their bikes and getting ready to hit the ramp. Famous Lebanese TV presenter Michel Azzi, better known as Micho introduced the event and energized the audience. The riders started to warm up the ramps, making a few long jumps to cheer the people, but they actually didn't need more incentives to arouse.


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