First Track On Water

Munich Track Layout
Date: 26/02/2014

The world's most prestigious FMX tour will stop again in Munich; Germany on July 19. Once again, the world's top riders will invade the Bavarian capital and perform their breathtaking tricks on the lake of Munich's famous Olympic Park.

Yes, "...on the lake..."!

For the first time in FMX History the full track will be built on a lake with swimming pontoons, which are supported by a scaffolding substructure. Believe it or not, but this revolutionary idea will not limit the track in any way. To give the track an overall length of over 450m (1476ft) the designers planned more then 260 pontoons to have enough space for the 2000 tons of dirt, which will shape the track. Once it is all set-up by 4 heavy duty cranes, the riders will find 4 regular jumps, 1 super-kicker, 2 quarterpipe and 2 gap-jumps to play with. As if all that would not be enough the track will brake another course layout standard by having a linear instead of a the usual box shape style.

Tickets for this unique event will be on sale from March 12 on