Red Bull X-Fighters Madrid - Overview

The Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour wouldn't be complete without a visit to the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas in Madrid. This amazing bullring has been on the calendar for over a decade and it has witnessed some truly titanic head-to-head battles in its time.

From Robbie Maddison showing off the spectacular Volt (Body Varial) that earned him victory in 2010 to Tom Pagès throwing down an incredible sequence of never-seen, gravity defying moves last year, the competition in Madrid has intensified with each passing year.

Perhaps it's the tight confines that put the always-fired-up crowd right at the heart of the frenzied action, or maybe it's bullring's tradition as a home of gladiatorial combat, but Madrid often sees some of the best action of the whole year.

Since 2002, the FMX elite has been flying through the air consistently at Las Ventas, one of the world's most famous bullfighting arenas. In 2013, France's Tom Pagès was crowned the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour champion with a heart-stopping performance in Madrid. His victory completed the most exciting season in the thirteen-year history of the world's premiere freestyle motocross competition with more winners and even more spectacular tricks than ever. Japan's Taka Hagashino finished second and Chile's Javier Villegas took the third place.



  • 1
    Tom Pages - Mini Profile Picture
    Thomas Pagès FRA
  • 2
    Josh Sheehan - Rider Profile Thumb
    Josh Sheehan AUS
  • 3
    Levi Sherwood - Rider Profile Mini Picture
    Levi Sherwood NZL
  • 4
    Dany Torres - Rider Profile Mini Picture
    Dany Torres ESP
  • 5
    Taka Higashino Profile Picture
    Taka Higashino JPN
  • 6
    Maikel Melero - Rider Profile Thumb
    Maikel Melero ESP
  • 7
    Clinton Moore - Mini Profile Picture
    Clinton Moore AUS
  • 8
    Mat Rebeaud - Profile Preview Portrait
    Mat Rebeaud SUI
  • 9
    Rob Adelberg
    Rob Adelberg AUS
  • 10
    Libor Podmol - Rider Profile
    Libor Podmol CZE
  • 11
    Remi Bizouard
    Remi Bizouard FRA
  • 12
    David Rinaldo - Rider Profile Thumb
    David Rinaldo FRA
  • 13
    Wes Agee - Profile Preview Portrait
    Wes Agee USA
  • 14
    Adam Jones - Rider Profile Mini Picture
    Adam Jones USA
  • 15
    Javier Villegas - Rider Profile Mini Picture
    Javier Villegas CHI
  • 16
    Kota Kugimura JPN
  • 17
    Erick Ruiz - Rider Profile Mini Picture
    Erick Ruiz MEX
  • 18
    Daice Suzuki - Profile Preview Portrait
    Daice Suzuki JPN
  • 19
    Luc Ackermann - Profile Preview
    Luc Ackermann GER
  • 20
    Brody Wilson - Mini Profile Picture
    Brody Wilson USA
  • 21
    Alastair Sayer - Rider Profile Thumb
    Alastair Sayer BOT
  • 22
    Nick de Wit - Rider Profile
    Nick de Wit RSA

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