Mexico City

Red Bull X-Fighters Mexico - Overview

The traditional season opener in Mexico City (MEX) has been a staple of the Red Bull X-Fighters calendar from 2005 to 2010 – but after a two-year break – the Mexican capital made it back on the tour schedule in 2013 and will kick off the season one more time in 2014. With its delighted fans and the most famous bullring in the world, the city offers a stunning backdrop and is the perfect venue for the Red Bull X-Fighters spectacle.

Each year, the Monumental Plaza de Toros is completely filled and the FMX daredevils execute their tricks in front of 38,000 screaming fans, to the sound of huge drums and the traditional white cloths – made popular by the fans at football games and bullfights. In fact, the bullfighting element is an integral life component in Mexico. Its complicated rules and regulations contain a whole series of hidden symbols whose meanings go far beyond that of a mere battle of man against animal.


  • 1
    Levi Sherwood - Rider Profile Mini Picture
    Levi Sherwood NZL
  • 2
    Josh Sheehan - Rider Profile Thumb
    Josh Sheehan AUS
  • 3
    Dany Torres - Rider Profile Mini Picture
    Dany Torres ESP
  • 4
    Adam Jones - Rider Profile Mini Picture
    Adam Jones USA
  • 5
    Tom Pages - Mini Profile Picture
    Thomas Pagès FRA
  • 6
    Rob Adelberg
    Rob Adelberg AUS
  • 7
    Javier Villegas - Rider Profile Mini Picture
    Javier Villegas CHI
  • 8
    Maikel Melero - Rider Profile Thumb
    Maikel Melero ESP
  • 9
    Libor Podmol - Rider Profile
    Libor Podmol CZE
  • 10
    Remi Bizouard
    Remi Bizouard FRA
  • 11
    Erick Ruiz - Rider Profile Mini Picture
    Erick Ruiz MEX
  • 12
    Nick de Wit - Rider Profile
    Nick de Wit RSA
  • 13
    Alastair Sayer - Rider Profile Thumb
    Alastair Sayer BOT
  • 14
    Brody Wilson - Mini Profile Picture
    Brody Wilson USA
  • 15
    Luc Ackermann - Profile Preview
    Luc Ackermann GER
  • 16
    Clinton Moore - Mini Profile Picture
    Clinton Moore AUS
  • 17
    Daice Suzuki - Profile Preview Portrait
    Daice Suzuki JPN
  • 18
    Kota Kugimura JPN
  • 19
    Taka Higashino Profile Picture
    Taka Higashino JPN
  • 20
    David Rinaldo - Rider Profile Thumb
    David Rinaldo FRA
  • 21
    Wes Agee - Profile Preview Portrait
    Wes Agee USA
  • 22
    Mat Rebeaud - Profile Preview Portrait
    Mat Rebeaud SUI

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