Rider info

Brice Izzo
Resides in:
St. Victoret, France
Yamaha YZ 250
FMX since:

Brice is another top talent from France and the younger brother of Romain Izzo, who is also an FMX rider. His friends call him Brissou, which seems to be a mixture of his first and last names.

After having ridden dirtbikes on motocross tracks for many years, the Yamaha rider made the switch from MX to FMX in 2006. During his freestyle motocross debut at the Night of the Jumps tour stop in Metz, France he impressed everyone by grabbing two podium places on the second day of competition with huge backflip combos, including Nac Nac Flips, Cordova Flips, and even Indy Flips.

Since then, Brice has been a regular competitor on the IFMXF Tour where he has claimed several podium finishes. His massive Shaolin Flip was good enough to earn him the bronze medal at the Brazilian X-Games in 2008. No need to be curious about where his agility comes from, his skydiving hobby definitely helps him with flip tricks.

The Red Bull X-Fighters event in Rome was Izzo┬┤s comeback to the World Tour after his debut in 2008. With an overall second place finish in the 2010 FIM World Championships and numerous finishes in the top three during the following years, Izzo has proven that he's ready to battle the world's elite on the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour at any time!