Rider info

Edgar Torronteras
Resides in:
Cardedeu, Spain
Yamaha YZ 250
FMX since:

Edgar started riding dirt bikes like many of his fellow riders at a young age. Influenced by his dad, the Spaniard got his first bike at the age of four and went pretty much straight from the practice track to competition mode in the youth classes in Spain. Torronteras is simply a madman on two wheels and a true pioneer in the history of FMX in Europe. His international motocross career in the 90's included rides at the prestigious AMA Supercross Series in America and successful starts at all the major European events. But that never seemed to be enough for Edgar.

While riding motocross for a living the young racer started pulling his first FMX tricks in 1995, but it took another six years until he dedicated his entire life to FMX.

Edgar has a long and distinguished history in Red Bull X-Fighters and his name can be found on the first-ever X-Fighters riders list. In 2002, Edgar won the competition in Madrid by beating sport legends like 'Mad' Mike Jones and Mike Metzger. Unfortunately, due to a variety of injuries, he was unable to take part in any Red Bull X-Fighters from 2004 to 2012. At his last appearance in Dubai he finished 7th on the beach course.

When he is not riding FMX at the Bananaface Compound with his friends Andreu and Victor, you might find Edgar riding his snowboard or wakeboard, performing beat-boxing, working with kids riding motocross or DJing in his hometown of Barcelona.