Rider info

Jeremy Rouanet
Resides in:
Minerve, France
KTM SX 250
FMX since:

Jeremy Rouanet has been on the FMX circuit for more then ten years, but until now he has not performed in any major international events. The Frenchman can usually be seen in international FMX videos or in shows across Europe. He rides in competition only now and then.

Unlike many other riders, Jey's background in the sport scene doesn't come from motocross, but moreover Freestyle Motocross without a long track record on bikes. He has nevertheless made a big impression with his talent, throwing down his first back flip at the age of 17.

On a regular basis, he's training with the Pagès brothers. A connoisseur of fine wines, Rouanet also quickly perfected other back flip combinations. He has now a complete arsenal of tricks that makes him capable of beating any top rider on a given day. The Red Bull X-Fighters Madrid wildcard awarded to Rouanet gave the Frenchman at long last a chance to show off his creative spirit on the big stage. By demonstrating his exciting new trick – the Roulette – during the qualifier.

With a solid run, Rouanet was in position to do well during the contest, but a mishap before the event forced him into hospital and he was not able to ride in the big show.