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The world's most prestigious FMX tour will stop again in Munich; Germany on July 19. Once again, the world's top riders will invade the Bavarian capital and perform their breathtaking tricks on the lake of Munich's famous Olympic Park.

Yes, "...on the lake..."!

For the first time in FMX History the full track will be built on a lake with swimming pontoons. Believe it or not, but this revolutionary idea will not limit the track in any way. The competition in Munich will be the season's penultimate round and could prove to be the decisive contest for the overall 2014 Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour. After Munich, the tour will move on to the season finale in Pretoria, South Africa.

Check out the venue tab to see more of this spectacular Track.


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    Josh Sheehan - Rider Profile Thumb
    Josh Sheehan AUS
  • 2
    Taka Higashino Profile Picture
    Taka Higashino JPN
  • 3
    Levi Sherwood - Rider Profile Mini Picture
    Levi Sherwood NZL
  • 4
    Luc Ackermann - Profile Preview
    Luc Ackermann GER
  • 5
    Tom Pages - Mini Profile Picture
    Thomas Pag├Ęs FRA
  • 6
    Dany Torres - Rider Profile Mini Picture
    Dany Torres ESP
  • 7
    Rob Adelberg
    Rob Adelberg AUS
  • 8
    Clinton Moore - Mini Profile Picture
    Clinton Moore AUS
  • 9
    Adam Jones - Rider Profile Mini Picture
    Adam Jones USA
  • 10
    Remi Bizouard
    Remi Bizouard FRA
  • 11
    Brody Wilson - Mini Profile Picture
    Brody Wilson USA
  • 12
    Mat Rebeaud - Profile Preview Portrait
    Mat Rebeaud SUI
  • 13
    Maikel Melero - Rider Profile Thumb
    Maikel Melero ESP
  • 14
    Libor Podmol - Rider Profile
    Libor Podmol CZE
  • 15
    Wes Agee - Profile Preview Portrait
    Wes Agee USA
  • 16
    David Rinaldo - Rider Profile Thumb
    David Rinaldo FRA
  • 17
    Javier Villegas - Rider Profile Mini Picture
    Javier Villegas CHI
  • 18
    Kota Kugimura JPN
  • 19
    Erick Ruiz - Rider Profile Mini Picture
    Erick Ruiz MEX
  • 20
    Daice Suzuki - Profile Preview Portrait
    Daice Suzuki JPN
  • 21
    Alastair Sayer - Rider Profile Thumb
    Alastair Sayer BOT
  • 22
    Nick de Wit - Rider Profile
    Nick de Wit RSA

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